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The Environment Agency says it is investing millions but resident should check if they are at risk. online

Flood victims want more work to reduce risk

Residents whose homes were severely flooded during Christmas 2020 said more could be done to reduce the risk.

Speaking of his damaged home, Mr O'Cearbhaill said: "We had a number of discussions with the insurance companies and we've had a year's worth of work to do to make good the property and to take out the damaged material and effectively refurbish it."

Mr O'Cearbhaill said better flood defences "means ditches being cleared out, culverts working properly, proper maintenance of those systems on an annual basis".

Debbie Radford's family cottage, also in Odell, was severely damaged in the same floods.

The Environment Agency said about 6,800 properties were at risk of flooding in Bedfordshire.

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